Lesson #13

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The last lesson of the semester was dedicated to the following topics:

  • Feedback on student projects (see Assignment #4, Table 1 in Grading policy and submissions).
  • Group work in two breakout rooms: Develop a course schedule for the Method of Teaching Data Science 2 course that follows the course you attended this semester. After group work time is up, each group presented its course proposal to the other group and received feedback on it.
  • Following the students’ responses to the mid-semester questionnaire, we decided to discuss with the students their expectations versus the actual content of the course. As the students expected that the course would focus on data science content rather on than data science pedagogy, we began a discussion based on the following two student quotes regarding the challenges they faced in the course:
    • The course does not emphasize and focus on the material delivered to the pupils but rather hovers around it.
    • The course contents are more pedagogical and less learning materials.
  • Presentation of findings from the end-of-semester questionnaire.