Lesson #1

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  • Introduction
    • Syllabus and course requirements
    • What is data science?
  • Discussion of several questions from the preliminary questionnaire:
    • Concepts related to data science
    • Preliminary discussion on the interdisciplinarity of data science: The interconnection between data science and computer science and between data science and statistics.  
    • A class discussion took place based on the following reflections that were shared in class via the chat function in response to the following question: What did you learn from the class discussion that took place now based on the preliminary questionnaire? The following ideas were shared (grouped here into three categories):
      • Teaching methods
        • The practice of sharing answers with everyone via the chat function
        • Characteristics of questions
          • Pupils can sometimes understand a question differently than it was intended.
          • A figure can sometimes can explain an idea better than a text can.
          • Intuition is sometimes needed to answer a question.
        • Data science
          • Data science is a new field.
          • Different conceptions on data science were expressed.
          • Data science is a new research method.
        • Data science teaching
          • Teaching data science requires knowledge in a variety fields, unlike computer science teaching that does not require significant knowledge in several disciplines.